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The TRAVEL AGENTS ASSOCIATION OF ORISSA, simply known as TAAO, was formed in 1989 and was officially registered under the Indian Societies Act 1956. Its founders created a representative forum in the industry to promote professional service with security for both Members and their clients. As a NOT for PROFIT membership of TAAO is entirely voluntary and extends to Retail Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Travel Management Companies and Wholesalers. Currently the Membership represents more than 50% of the industry

TAAO’s emphasis is on free trade without violating rules and regulations. Accordingly we have entrenched a Constitution and a Code of Conduct that self-regulates the travel industry and provides the consumer with a benchmark and the comfort that the Members are compliant with TAAO’s guidelines.

The association interfaces with key opinion leaders in the industry and senior Government officials in representing its Members on all issues of common interest to TAAO Members. This includes policy, planning, operational and regulatory issues ensuring the ongoing sustainability of the travel industry.

The primary focus of TAAO is directed at any issue related to improving the continued sustainability and profitability of its Members and ensuring the delivery of a professional service to the traveling consumer. This is achieved through strong relationships and open dialogue with all stakeholders.

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53 Forest Park, Bhubaneswar-75100
Orissa India.
Email : Info@taao.in
Tel No : +91 674-6545757
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